TNT Token Pumped and Dumped by Palm Beach Confidential

After Teeka Tiwari from Palm Beach Confidential recommended list of coins to thousands of cryptocurrency investors, volume on Tierion token, TNT exploded, as did the price of TNT token.

palm beach confidential

However, after just a week, Tierion holders were then greeted with the surprise of a major Pump And Dump by major holders who had accumulated TNT just because of this recommendation.

We have read that the dump occurred because Teeka could no longer recommend it and told subscribers to get out, hence the huge dump.

Here is a nice analysis of the event – Whales abandoned ship while many investors were buying TNT since it was one of Palm Beach Confidential’s recommendations.

tnt token

For some odd reason, his members got the sell alert after it already dumped 40% in price.

In short, Palm Beach published a report with “golden coins for the next years” and one of them was TNT that was previously trading at $0,05, mentioning $0.29 as a “should be price”.

Fast forward 5 days, Palm Beach Confidential sent a sell signal to their customers at $0.11 after “someone” already deposited. It is pretty obvious on the chart where the insiders bought. 2 days before the report was published, price had already surged 40%.