SushiSwap Contract hacked for 1800 Ethereum

We have some more bad news about SushiSwap. Today, the SushiSwap’s RouterProcessor2 contract was hacked for about 1800 Ethereum which is about 3.3M dollars at current ETH’s price. The hacker exploited the approve related bug. 

SushiSwap Contract

If any user interacted with the SushiSwap’s RouterProcessor2 contract, you must revoke as-soon-as possible to avoid loss of funds. One easy way of finding out if you interacted with the contract is by going to DeBankDeFi > Profile and then download CSV from the History section. 

In this CSV file, you can filter all of actions in last week and make sure you did not approve these contracts. 

arbitrum nova 0x1c5771e96C9d5524fb6e606f5B356d08C40Eb194
arbitrum 0xA7caC4207579A179c1069435d032ee0F9F150e5c
avax 0xbACEB8eC6b9355Dfc0269C18bac9d6E2Bdc29C4F
boba 0x2f686751b19a9d91cc3d57d90150bc767f050066
bsc 0xD75F5369724b513b497101fb15211160c1d96550
ethereum 0x044b75f554b886A065b9567891e45c79542d7357
fantom 0x3e603C14aF37EBdaD31709C4f848Fc6aD5BEc715
fuse 0x2f686751b19a9d91cc3d57d90150Bc767f050066
gnosis 0x145d82bCa93cCa2AE057D1c6f26245d1b9522E6F
moonbeam 0x1838b053E0223F05FB768fa79aA07Df3f0f27480
moonriver 0x3d2f8ae0344d38525d2ae96ab750b83480c0844f
optimism 0xF0cBce1942A68BEB3d1b73F0dd86C8DCc363eF49
polygon 0x5097CBB61D3C75907656DC4e3bbA892Ff136649a
polygon zkevm 0x93395129bd3fcf49d95730D3C2737c17990fF328

Alternatively, you can go to Ethescan’s token approval page and click on revoke. Just click that link > put your Ethereum address in field instead of sift. Then, click on connect to web3 button and connect to the address in wallet. 

Click revoke on each item that is there, starting with Sushi. We really suggest wallet developers to offer revoke function so that once the user is done interacting with a contract, they can easily revoke the privileges.