Stellar Horizen v0.17 released, solves recent network congestion situation

Stellar Lumens team has churned out Horizen v0.17 that introduces ingestion of failed transactions. This feature is turned off by default. To turn it on set environment variable: INGEST_FAILED_TRANSACTIONS=true or CLI param: –ingest-failed-transactions=true.

Stellar Horizen v0.17

For the non-technical people, this release is a great response to the recent network congestion situation with spam arbitrage payments et al. It implements the new /fee_stats endpoint, which is useful for app/wallet developers to dynamically adjust their fees during times of congestion.

Here is the complete changelog.


  • /operation_fee_stats is deprecated in favour of /fee_stats. Will be removed in v0.18.0.

Breaking changes

  • Fields removed in this version:

  • Root > protocol_version, use current_protocol_version and core_supported_protocol_version.

  • Ledger > transaction_count, use successful_transaction_count and failed_transaction_count.

  • Signer > public_key, use key.

  • This Horizon version no longer supports Core <10.0.0. Horizon can still ingest version <10 ledgers.

  • Error event name during streaming changed to error to follow W3C specification.


  • Added ingestion of failed transactions (see Upgrade notes). Use include_failed=true GET parameter to display failed transactions and operations in collection endpoints.

  • /fee_stats endpoint has been extended with fee percentiles and ledger capacity usage. Both are useful in transaction fee estimations.

  • Fixed a bug causing slice bounds out of range at /account/{id}/offers endpoint during streaming.

  • Added horizon db reingest range X Y that reingests ledgers between X and Y sequence number (closed intervals).

  • Many code improvements.