Siacoin hard fork date, new coin – Siacoin Classic – all questions answered

Siacoin hard fork date claim

Sia coin team has announced that they will be doing a hard fork.

Why is Siacoin hard fork-ing?

Sia developers have taken a stand against Bitmain / Innosilicon ASIC machines and want to hard fork in order to introduce a code that will prevent Bitmain’s ASICs from mining Sia. Sia wants to protect their own mining rigs. Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain is not really happy with this decision.

Sia coin hard fork date

Sia hard fork will be activated on 31st October 2018. Updated wallets, v1.3.6 will be released in about two weeks before hard fork.

Siacoin Classic or Siacoin Cash?

The Sia team has made it clear that the fork code will be released in such a manner that it will be easy to maintain the left over chain.

And while this old chain will not be maintained by Sia team, anyone can bring improvements released for mainchain and bring it to leftover chain which might be called Siacoin Classic or siacoin cash.

How to claim Siacoin Classic / airdrop?

If you hold access to private key and hold Sia in official updated wallets, you will be able claim Siacoin Classic / airdrop.

Until now, no cryptocurrency exchange has announced their support for the airdrop / Siacoin Classic or Siacoin Cash – whatever it will be called. So, of you want to receive free coins, make sure to store it official Siacoin wallet prior to hard fork and make sure you’ve your private key.