RoyalCBank Review: The Cryptocurrency Trading Platform


With the advent of technology comes a new model of doing business. Consequently, these technological advancements that cut across all sectors have brought about an improvement in the financial market, especially for those who engage in trading activities within the ever bubbling market. In the same manner, the financial trading market has witnessed the influx of several brokers, some of which are legit, while some of them are scams. The challenge that brokers face, however, is how to identify which one is legit and which one is a scam.

As a trader on the financial market, especially if you trade online, you need a solid background, that is, a broker that will provide you access to various financial instruments, assets, and products, as well as several trading tools through their trading platform.

A quick search on the web for a broker online will definitely give you options for various online brokerage firms. This can be confusing sometimes because a lot of them are ‘too good to be real.’ Moreover, the legitimate ones may not be able to satisfy your investment and trading needs. Therefore you need to find a broker that understands your investment and trading goals, and that will provide an enabling environment as well as tools and products to achieve those goals.

Trading in the financial market is not just a hobby, but a popular career that offers various benefits and profits. The choice of your trading platform or broker will go a long way to determine your expected profits or otherwise in the market.

The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 to the financial market has opened a new trading instrument, and as such, another avenue for traders and investors to make huge profits in the financial market. Before blockchain technology, trading in the financial market was majorly on forex, indices, commodities, bonds, metals, and other financial products. The introduction of cryptocurrency, however, opened many investment opportunities in the digital assets industry.

As the crypto industry is gaining more popularity, new crypto projects are developed and unveiled from time to time, and more crypto coins are added to the financial market. The implication of this is that the industry has created more options for you to earn money from the market with cryptocurrency trading.

However, you cannot do this on your own; hence, the need to have a reliable and trusted broker. This is where Royal C Bank comes in to give you trading options and access to several trading instruments in the market.

RoyalCBank at a Glance



Financial commission (FinCom), financial conduct authority (FCA), and markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFiD)

Trading accounts

Basic account, Beginner account, medium account, advanced account, PRO account, and the VIP account.

Deposit options

Visa card, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, and cryptos.

Fiat currency options

US dollar (USD), euro EUR, and Pounds (GBP)

Minimum deposit

$250 (USD, EUR, or GBP)

Cryptos supported

Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, Monero, and others

Customer support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – live chat, email, telephone, and FAQ.

Trading platform

Web based (Android trader, iPhone trader, iPad trader, and multi terminal), Anydesk

Educational training

eBooks, videos, news, and charts

Parent company

Maraya capital ltd



Minimum withdrawal

100 US dollar (USD, EUR, or GBP)

Order types

Market order, limit order, and stop loss order

Trading indications

Zig zag, WMA, MAD, I, Bollinger Bands, Average Time Range, Exponential moving average, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, momentum, price envelopes, PSAR, rate of change, RSI, simple moving average, and Stochastic.

RoyalCBank is a brokerage firm established and authorized to offer trading instruments to traders across the world. The brokerage firm provides a platform for trading in cryptocurrencies in the financial market. The broker aims to make a significant difference in the market through its customer-centered services and experience in the crypto market.

This broker is focused on providing crypto-related financial services and trading platforms, as a result of its understanding and experience in the ever-growing financial market. The broker strives to provide its clients with the opportunity to make huge profits from their investments in cryptos.

Using the traditional technical analysis in the crypto markets, this broker makes use of innovative and advanced strategies in crypto trading. For this reason, clients and traders on this broker’s platform have several options and guidance on trading.

The RoyalCBank team of professionals is poised to provide traders and investors the necessary tools and instruments of trading, as well as providing necessary guidance on how to make profitable investments in the market.

The crypto industry is relatively new, compared to forex, indices, and other products. Therefore this broker has in place a team of knowledgeable and experienced professional customer service personnel to help clients all over the world on their investment decisions and account management.

Furthermore, before signing with any broker, there is a need to ascertain how such a brokerage firm is regulated. The services and functions of RoyalCBank are appropriately monitored and regulated by financial regulatory authorities such as the Financial Commission (FinaCom), and the market in financial instruments directive (MiFiD).

RoyalCBank as a crypto and financial exchange company, offers secure, accurate, and reliable operation and services by providing traders and investors with the safest trading experience from any location across the globe.

One of the unique features that distinguish this broker is the security and safety of assets, accounts, investments, and data of its clients. To prevent unauthorized access to the information provided by the customers on the platform of the broker, RoyalCBank has put in place security measures to neutralize the activities of hackers on its platform. The broker makes use of the highest encryption standard to safeguard the data of its customers.

In addition, this broker has engaged in the implementation of the international Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) security standards. The KYC and AML security policy are used to verify the identity of customers and would-be clients of the company, in order to prevent any form of illegality or financial criminal acts.

Moreover, this broker has put in place multiple options for deposit and withdrawal of funds to and from the trading account. Besides, RoyalCBank supports both fiat currencies and the use of cryptocurrency for deposit into the trading accounts.

Although RoyalCBank is relatively new, the vast experience of the founders is putting the brokerage firm at an advanced level of service delivery. The broker provides its clients, options to trade in several cryptos and tokens, as well as some major pairings. The broker has an excellent number of financial assets for traders. Thus financial market traders have access to crypto pairings, as well as over 100 stock pairings, commodities against crypto pairings, indices against crypto pairings, and other major pairings. The broker also provides leverage on each of its multiple trading accounts.

Services and Features Offered by RoyalCBank

Superb customer service and support

RoyalCBank has in place a well-trained, courteous, and knowledgeable team of customer service agents. The relatively new digital currency industry involves learning about new developments, and as such, traders will encounter some unfamiliar challenges in the market. Therefore, the broker has professionals that are readily available to answer questions, and offer solutions to any question or query from their clients all over the world.

Clients of the company can contact the company representatives through email, telephone, or the use of the live chat on the broker’s website. Besides, there is a provision of a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on the website, where customers can access some of the pre-answered questions. This team of customer support agents is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Diverse Deposit and Withdrawal Options

This broker does not limit its clients to one channel of funding their trading accounts. Traders are provided with various options like the visa card, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, or the use of cryptocurrency to fund their trading accounts. In addition, traders can deposit funds with either the US dollar (USD), British Pounds (GBP), or the Euro (EUR). The minimum deposit for trading on the platform of this broker is 250 USD/GBP/EUR.

Furthermore, the withdrawal of funds is easy on this broker’s platform. Traders can withdraw their profits with their visa card, MasterCard, wire transfer, or cryptos. The minimum withdrawal is 100 USD/GBP/EUR.

Security and Safety

The security of your investment and information on this broker’s platform is secured with the highest encryption standards. The broker employs the use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a networking protocol designed for secure connections between the server and web users on the internet.

In addition, the identity of the clients, as well as their information, is protected by the company from the dubious activities of hackers. Furthermore, as a security measure, clients of the company are mandated to go through a verification process. The Know Your Customers (KYC) policy is designed to confirm the identity of its clients to ensure the security of the deposits of funds of its numerous clients all over the world.

Besides, the broker also embraces the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) security measure to combat the illegality of fraud and money laundering.

Educational Training

To cater to the needs of its traders on its platform, especially newbies in the market, this broker has equally provided educational materials and resources for its clients. Customers of the company can have access to videos, eBooks, news, and various trading charts. These resources can be of immense benefit to the experienced and beginner traders to learn and try out new market strategies and also learn about new cryptos added in the market.

Multiple Trading Accounts

The broker has taken into consideration the diverse trading needs of its numerous customers. Traders in the financial market have different goals and different account requirements. Hence the need to have various options for trading accounts.

Sequel to your registration with the company, you have access to opening a trading account with this broker.

1. The Basic Account: this is the first trading account on the platform of this broker. The account is most suitable for beginner traders with limited tools. The basic account has a minimum deposit of $250. In addition, the account has a 30 percent welcome bonus, 24 hours a day and six days a week support, education center, daily market review, webinars, and price alerts.

2. The Beginner Account: this is the second trading account on this broker’s platform. The beginner account is for traders with some essential market experience in cryptocurrency. This account has a minimum deposit of 10,000 US dollars, and traders on this account can have access to a 40 percent bonus. In addition to the features of the basic account, clients on this trading account also have access to a junior account manager to guide them in their investment needs.

3. The Medium Account: this trading account has a minimum deposit of 25,000 US dollars. Besides, clients have access to a 60 percent welcome bonus and 24 hours and 6 days support from the company. The account is suitable for traders who have understood the crypto trading. Also, traders on this account have been provided with a senior account manager to provide professional financial support.

4. The Advanced Account: this trading account is designed for advanced traders with considerable market experience. Traders on this trading account must make a minimum deposit of 50,000 US dollars. Besides, clients are provided with a 70 percent welcome bonus. In addition to all the features of the previous accounts, holders of the advanced trading account are provided with a VIP account manager.

5. The PRO Account: this trading account is designed for professional traders who can take huge risks in the market. The minimum deposit on this account is 100,000 US dollars, with a welcome bonus of 80 percent. The account holders also have access to all the trading features, and a VIP account manager to guide you in making investment decisions.

6. The VIP Account: the last trading account offered by RoyalCBank is for exclusive clients and very high-risk takers. To get details and features of the VIP account, as well as the minimum deposit in the account, clients of the company must contact their account managers for exclusive information.

Final Thought

With the services and features offered by this broker in the financial and crypto trading market, RoyalCBank has positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with in the delivery of reliable and responsible brokerage services. The firm has gained popularity, especially among the experienced traders and investors who know the importance of having a broker with such features and professionalism.