Remitano adds support for Ripple XRP cryptocurrency

remitano ripple

Remitano is excited to announce that they have officially added support for XRP on our platform, both for P2P Market and Swap Market. This allows you to buy and sell XRP for fiat, as well as exchange XRP with other currencies through the XRP/USDT pair.

XRP is a special kind of crypto currency. Its confirmation time is much shorter than anything else. XRP transactions are fully confirmed within a few seconds. Transaction fee is extremely cheap. As of right now, Remitano does not charge deposit fee for XRP, and only collect 0.00001 XRP per withdrawal, exactly as the network is charging.

Buy and sell XRP with fiat today: or swap XRP with USDT and other coin:

So yes, both fiat and USDT pairs are added. One USDT is equal to one USD. It is also possible to sell USDT for fiat on the website.

Ripple is #3 cryptocurrency in terms of marketcap and given its popularity, it made sense that Remitano adds support it. This will allow anyone to buy/sell Ripple’s XRP for fiat.

This also makes Ripple less dependent on bitcoin as now, they can directly buy XRP without going the Fiat > BTC > XRP route.