RCN and Kyber Network Partnership: Kyber Network to provide conversion services to RCN

RCN and Kyber Network Partnership

RCN has undergone partnership with Kyber Network. RCN promises to improve world’s access to digital payment alternatives. RCN is a peer-to-peer global credit protocol that uses cosigned smart contracts to connect lenders and borrowers anywhere on the globe on any currency. This has the potential to democratize and grow the digital economy by increasing credit access for borrowers, neutralizing default risk for lenders, and reducing asymmetric information between network agents. This will help improve livelihood of children.

So what will Kyber Network do? It will provide conversion services necessary for credit exchanges and wallet providers to integrate RCN protocol and participate in RCN network. RCN network protocol will be fully deployed in Q2 2018. After that, both RCN and Kyber Network will test the integration of exchange partners and wallet providers.

The initial market focus will be China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, India, and Indonesia. Kyber Network will promote liquidity of crypto-assets in the blockchain ecosystem.

One can buy Kyber Network KNC tokens from Kucoin. It is now also tradable on OkEx which is a massive exchange.

Kyber Network is making a decentralized and trustless exchange that facilitates instant conversion of crypto assets with guaranteed liquidity. It will run on Ethereum blockchain.