Platypus DeFi exploited for over 8.5 million dollars

Platypus DeFi that claims to redefine stableswaps and reinventing stablecoins was recently hacked for whopping 8.5 million dollars in total. The developers have confirmed this hack on their official twitter account and have already informed various cryptocurrency exchanges to freeze the funds of the hacker. USDT held by the hacker has already been frozen. 

Platypus DeFi

ZachXBT who is famous for backtracking hacked funds has identified the hacker behind Platypus DeFi hack. It is retlqw on twitter who has deactivated his account once ZachXBT messaged and asked him to return the funds back to the Platypus DeFi.

He added if he does not returns the funds, he will have no choice but to engage with law enforcement. Funnily enough, he has an ENS domain as well, retlqw.eth and also has OpenSea accounts that directly link to his twitter. He like the tweet about the exploit made by ZachXBT which shows how twisted he is. 

He has deactivated his instagram account as well. 

Platypus DeFi developers are also setting up a bounty who would provide them with any useful information. They are asking the hacker to get in touch with them.