PivX Light Wallet now available for desktop, use PivX without downloading blockchain

pivx light wallet

PivX Light Wallet is now available for your desktop and that includes Windows, Mac and Linux. The Light wallet lets you manage your PivX without downloading the blockchain. Until now, the only way to manage your PivX was by downloading the Core client on the desktop and download the multi-GB blockchain.

The PivX Light wallet is easy to use and it is also compatible with your android wallet file. This is amazing.

It is excellent for both merchants and end users. It has multi-currency converter built in, so you can ask your customer for specific amount in your local currency. You can also generate a payment request and ask for specific amount of Pivs.

The only thing we did not like about it is the fact it requires Java Runtime Environment, which does not comes pre-installed on any OS. Also, you cannot do staking – something which is exclusive to PivX Core client. The reason behind this is that Core client doubles as PoS miner and that lets you earn Pivs after every few days. Check out all PivX wallets here.

That said, PivX team has mentioned on their website that there are plans to add staking along with Zerocoin implementation, zPOS and multi sig addresses. There is no concrete date on when these will be added though. So if you want to enjoy staking rewards, stick with the the PivX’s desktop Core client.