PivX blockchain is under attack


Privacy-focused cryptocurrency, PivX is under attack. Their official twitter account has tweeted out about an undergoing attack on its blockchain. They have asked users to invalidate block to bring users running full node to get back to correct chain.

Following steps are only required for those running full node. Fire up console and type in following commands.

This will bring chain back to block 2678419 which is valid chain. In case you are running masternodes on a VPS, type in following commands.

./pivx-cli invalidateblock 224316f972019f228dfa3c3b67343dd6d98e50d31f25c8135a51fab072402f01

./pivx-cli addnode https://explorer.pivx.link onetry

./pivx-cli clearbanned

Typing in aforementioned commands will unwind the affected blocks. It is a command that spreads message that there is a bad block and they should restart from block prior to this one. Other nodes will catch you up, rejecting the nodes sending invalidated hash.

To check if you are infected or not, visit explorer.pivx.link and type in that hash. If you cannot find that hash, then you are not forked and on correct blockchain.

Update – This is not really a 51% attack but it has caused blockchain to fork. It is important for everyone running full node to invalidate the block in order to stay on correct chain.

This is a developing story.