Penetration testing: who needs it, and who does it?

Nowadays, any company, from small local ones to state organizations and multinational companies, is concerned about its security. However, buying specialized software, hiring a specialist who will write the system security codes, and periodically updating them will not be enough. 

Penetration testing

For your mobile application or any other resource to work successfully and perform its functions, we advise you to use the services of the android app pentesting. Now, let us answer the questions of who does pentesting and why you may need it?

Penetration testing – a service you need!  

Penetration testing and system security (finding and exploiting vulnerabilities) is a search for the presence of vulnerabilities in a selected information system. Typically, a pentest is a method for assessing the security level of information networks, which fully simulates an attack by cybercriminals against an application.

Pentester: who are they?

Pentesters, or as they are also called “white hats”, are a security analysis of information systems. They perform the examination of software or hardware for vulnerabilities that can be used by cybercriminals to attack. Using the bugs in the application, attackers can affect the performance or force them to perform illegitimate commands: for example, to transfer confidential information (credentials and personal data of customers), to place Trojans, to develop attacks on the internal network of the company, or to steal money. Pentesters will do the same but just for you to know your weaknesses, so you can strengthen the security measures of your application. 

Where to find a pentesting company? 

Penetration service is quite popular, you can find many offers on the Internet. But how not fall for fraudsters? We advise you to choose proven firms with experienced professionals. Hacken is just such a company, its specialists will do their job quickly and efficiently. Your data will remain safe, you do not even have to worry about that.