Pandoon automatically syncs crypto currency trades: Automatic trade synchronization

pandoon cash by verge

Verge team has launched Pandoon which is a coin tracker that lets you synchronize trades on supported exchanges and checks how you are performing. Pandoon give you complete overview of your trades and calculates your profits and losses. Pandoon records many different transactions types in order to keep an accurate portfolio balance for accounting and tax purposes. So gone are the times where one had to keep an excel sheet or a mobile application like blockfolio to manage your portfolio. With Pandoon, all of your trades are synchronized automatically and displayed accurately in real time. So it is like blockfolio but you do not have to manually enter or edit data yourself. All that is done automatically whenever you buy or sell anything.

Pandoon does this by makes use of API of the cryptocurrency exchanges and keeping an eye on what you are buying or selling. Here is its feature list.

* Transaction Values and Portfolio values expressed in FIAT currencies (EUR/USD) and native currency
* Transaction values and portfolio values are calculated at the time of the transaction against their FIAT counterpart
* Sync transactions with selected exchanges to check active/passive trading performance
* New cryptocurrencies discovery via dashboard cards (widgets showing fast growing currencies, sponsored, newly listed)
* Watch supported market pairs and set price alarms (alerts)
* Support different exchange features, such as CSV imports, deposit and withdrawals
* Notifications on newly listed pairs
* Mobile friendly

If you become a paid member, you get automatic transaction refresh (every hour); newly added pairs on supported exchanges digest alerts and SMS alerts.