Palm Beach Confidential and ZenCash: PBC reassures its readers about ZEN

ZenCash palm beach confidential

This is the best time to invest in ZenCash thanks to folks at Palm Beach Confidential who selected this very coin for their paid readers. A screenshot has been leaked by this reddit post which is suggesting them to hold on their investment in ZenCash. It adds that they were able to spike the price all the way to $28 on the first day itself and also bought the price down to $16 to re-buy it at cheaper price. Palm Beach Confidential assures its readers that ZenCash will be a big winner for them – just like Monero which has grown 4x times already.

It asks users to avoid day to day trading as they want to focus on the bigger picture. ZenCash enjoys an extremely small coin supply of under 3 million which is 5 times less than Monero – another privacy coin with small coin supply.

2018 will be an explosive year in world of crypto currency and enormous sum of institutional money will be poured into the market that will boost the prices even more. Avoid these small pullbacks and wait for the rally that will push its price into hundreds.

ZenCash is a fork of Zcash. Both make use of Zero knowledge proofs but privacy mechanism in each works very differently. In Zcash, there is founder’s reward that receive 20 percent of block reward and miners receive remaining 80%. In ZenCash, mining reward is 88%. Remaining is split between DAO (5%), developers (3.5%) and operators of secure nodes (3.5%).

Disclaimer: Cryptocoindaddy is not invested in ZenCash. Invest at your own risk.