NEO and Microsoft to announce DAPPS Competition

NEO and Microsoft will be holding a DAPPS (decentralized applications) contest where more than 40 teams will be participating and showing their projects. This was earlier a rumor but now it has been confirmed on Neo’s slack that NEO and Microsoft, together are hosting this competition. Some of the projects that have been submitted and already running on NEO’s testnet include NEP-5 trading contracts (for a DEX); Insurance contracts; SC based marketplace for digital goods; SC based savings account; Crowdfunding on SCs; Authentication via SCs and And many more.

There is webpage that will go live in about 2-3 days from now. Its code is already uploaded on Neo’s github. The code confirms that Microsoft will be present at the competition.

neo microsoft competition

There is a lot of hype being built around NEO right now. Many people on reddit are speculating that NEO could become the next coin to have same amount of popularity as Ethereum. There are myriad NEO ICOs coming that could shoot up the NEO’s demand, thereby increasing its value.

Some of these ICO projects are about real world use cases to modernize and make China more efficient. NEO is clearly the leader in Chinese FinTech space and if they can live up to this hype, it can go long way from here.