NavCoin hard fork 4.5.2 successful but 72000 NAV paid out in error

NavCoin 4.5.2 hard fork happened successfully on Saturday 16th of February 2018 at 18:30 GMT in order to deal with an issue related to Community Fund payment requests. Users running full node were requested to update their software before February 16th in order to be on right blockchain.

navcoin hard fork

So what is fixed in the v4.5.2? It fixes the issue with blocks containing duplicate payment request payouts will be rejected by the wider network. This issue could have been exploited for financial gain and it is great to see NavCoin handle this important issue security update

Some damage has already been done. 72,833 NAV were paid out by error to the proposal creator but 63,333 NAV was donated back to the community fund by proposal creators.

All of these issues have already been patched in v4.5.2 and blocks containing these duplicate payment requests have been rejected by the network already.

This required NavCoin developers to hard fork and fortunately, the fork went well on February 16th 2019.

If you are still not on correct chain, download latest Core wallet from here.

Here are other updates to the NavCoin client.

Restart of testnet
RPC paymentrequestvotelist and proposalvotelist output changed to JSON
Disables dark mode on MacOS Mojave
Updates to OS X building docs
Updates to Unix building docs
Updates to gitian building docs for Debian 9
Deletes duplicate Qt Creator files