Nano Tip Bot for Chrome browser released

Nano cryptocurrency has now has its Twitter plugin that integrates into Chrome web browser. This allows you to tip interesting tweets with Nano. This works in conjunction with Nano Tip Bot that is already available for telegram.

nano tip bot chrome

To tip someone on twitter, use !tip command.

Example: @NanoTipBot !tip 1.01 @crypto_daddy will send a 1.01 NANO tip to user @crypto_daddy

To get entire list of commands, send the !help command via DM to @NanoTipBot on twitter. This will make the NanoTipBot send you list of commands via DM.

Notable Features:
– Tip Buttons injected into your timeline to easily tip users.
– Account information provided when you click the icon.

The Chrome plugin is very light with download size less than 50kb.

The only downside is that Nano Tip Bot works only on twitter and not on any other website. Otherwise, it is so simple and just works.

We really hope the developer makes it available for all websites as that will allow users to reward good quality content with couple of clicks.

Here is a youtube video that shows how it works.

Considering how fast Nano is in real life, Nano Tip Bot is an excellent addition to Nano’s ecosystem. Here is a comparison showing how fast Nano really is.