Luna coin creator arrested in Montenegro

Do Kwon, creator of Luna coin has been arrested in Montenegro after he was caught using false document to evade capture. 

do kwon arrested

Yes, the mastermind behind $40B Terra and UST coin scam will soon be behind bars. Interestingly, some Terra supporters are comparing Do Kwon to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. This is horrible as Bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme, unlike Luna which was an obvious scam. 

We guess it’s not possible to buy falsified documents on the dark web that are trustworthy enough to fool the authorities. Do Kwon clearly is not very good at using or managing resources. Don’t trust him with your money, especially if offering to give you falsified passports. 

Do Kwon built a fake ecosystem that was brimming with spoofed transactions. He even faked a secret bailout tweeting, “steady lads, deploying more capital”, all while he has making an exit from cryptocurrency world. 

He told the investors to believe in strength of the algorithm, despite the price tanking at crazy speed. Myriad retail investors committed suicide and in return, he made jokes at their expense.