Latest NiceHash Miner Download Link, current version

nicehash miner

Looking for latest version of NiceHash Miner? We got you covered. New NiceHash Miner v2.0.2.7 with an improved Lyra2REv2 performance is available for download.

Version brings the following changes and updates:

* Updated excavator to v1.5.12a
* Improved Lyra2REv2 performance
* Updated excavator API communication

This version is all about performance bumps. For instance, GTX 1080 MSI Armor gave 50~52MH/s 65% +115 +400 before update but now it gives 52~54MH/s 65% +115 +400. Same goes for the Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti that gave  77 MH/s 85% +165 +500 before update and 85 MH/s 85% +165 +500 after update.

Keep in mind that AMD support has been removed from NHM v2 because NHM Legacy gives a higher performance for AMD. Also, we need to keep NHMv2 clean of AV flags – we cannot do that if we include 3rd party miners.

While there is a lot of criticism around NiceHash taking higher fees than other cryptocurrency miners, it is what most non tech savvy miners use. It is very easy to use and requires a user to have no technical knowledge like fiddling with batch files and so on. You get paid in BTC with NiceHash miner which is also a huge plus.