Kyber Network announces partnership with Enigma, OPSkins and WAX

Kyber Network partnership with Enigma, OPSkins WAX

Kyber Network has announced its partnership with three companies, WAX (worldwide asset exchange), OPSkins and Enigma. Kyber Network will be facilitating the payments on all three platforms which are already accepting bitcoin. OPSkins also has plans to start offering buyers to pay using Ethereum. Kyber Network will allow instant buy and sell of digital assets and also provide payment APIs that will allow them to receive payment in any crypto currency.

WAX is a decentralized trading platform for buying and selling video game assets, similar to upcoming Gameflip’s ICO. WAX has potential to bring consumer force to crypto currency trading that is more than hundred times bigger than current active crypto user base.

For OPSkins, Kyber Network’s payment implementation will allow the buyers to buy virtual gaming items using variety of ERC20 tokens easily.

Enigma which has also entered into partnership with Kyber Network will enable the scalability of blockchains by providing off-chain data network that will allow large quantities of information to be shared and processed at extremely low costs. BY collaborating with Kyber Network, Enigma will be able to close gap between data demand and supply.

Kyber Network team has promised that it is still on the track to create an ecosystem of partnerships to support the platform. The mainnet will be launched in February 2018.