Is HitBTC going to exit scam soon? HitBTC affiliate program not working?


People always complain about cryptocurrency exchanges. No exchange is perfect but there is one exchange that is in the lime light lately and getting a lot of ‘smack’ from people. It’s HitBTC. Several have been complaining about inability to withdraw their funds from the exchange. One user had to be wait for full four months and several tickets just to get his funds withdrawn from the exchange.

One user complained about HitBTC affiliate model where the exchange is not crediting them with his hard earned money. He warned users that HitBTC may do an exit scam soon. While another user replied to him that there is no need to do exit scam as they have an existing model that works of regularly scamming people. They have unknown anonymous owners. Their office address is fake, most likely their registered companies are shell companies.

Another user said this,

HitBTC is hands down the worst “exchange” to use. They are still trading coins which contracts were hacked and swapped for new tokens, but they still let people trade worthless tokens. I think we all have to bombard CMC and other similar websites with requests to delist HitBTC.

One user warns that HitBTC has solvency issues and can go bankruptcy day now. There have been myriad red flags for months now and the company is registered off-shore under false nominee directors, allowing the real owners to basically jump ships with everyone’s money without ever getting caught.

There are tons of videos about HitBTC scams as well.

Reddit mods have removed the HitBTC from the r/cryptocurrency sub after hearing myriad serious and widespread issues. also used to promote HitBTC to users for doing altcoin trading but we removed them immediately after we heard users complaining about their funds and so on.