How to claim 1inch Airdrop by 1inch exchange?

1inch token airdrop

1inch exchange has done an airdrop to all of its 1inch exchange users who have performed a trade before September 15th 2020, total of four trades or minimum 20 dollars worth of trades before December 24th 2020. If you don’t qualify for one of these, you are not eligible for 1inch airdrop.

How to claim 1inch airdrop?

If you are on a mobile device, download trust wallet and import your secret phrase and open inside the web browser. Give permissions to connect Trust wallet to 1inch exchange.

1inch airdrop

Click on unicorn / horse icon and then on claim 1inch token to check if your Ethereum address has claimable 1inch tokens. If you have claimable rewards, click on Claim and let it claim 1inch tokens for you. They will be sent directly to your Trust wallet.

Here is our video that explains how to claim 1inch tokens using trust wallet.

If you want to sell those airdropped 1inch tokens for ETH, DAI or WBTC, you can do so inside

Binance and OkEx have also just listed 1inch token so you can trade 1inch there as well.

If you believe you did trade on 1inch exchange but did not receive airdrop, there is nothing you can do as snapshot of entire Ethereum blockchain was taken on 24th December 2020 and entire process was automated.