Buy Vertcoin: How to buy VTC crypto coin? Vertcoin buying guide

Vertcoin (VTC) is one of the most promising coins out there, offering decentralized mining, 1-click miner, web wallet, lightning network and incredibly talented and active developer team. The value of Vertcoin is slated to go sky-high and that is why one should buy Vertcoin crypto coin now to order to maximize their gains. Here are the steps on how to buy Vertcoin.

How to buy Vertcoin VTC?

Step 1 – Make an account on Coinbase. To purchase Vertcoin, we will need to buy some bitcoins first. Fortunately, even by investing only $100 or $1000 into bitcoins, you will be able to buy many Vertcoins which is amazing. After, you have registered on Coinbase and deposited some funds, do not close the window.


Now, we will be registering on bittrex which is a popular trading website. After registering on bittrex, we will be depositing bitcoin into bittrex wallet. For that, once logging into, visit the wallets page.


Type in BTC as shown in picture and click on plus (+) sign. Then, click on “New Address” blue button and that will give you a bitcoin address of bittrex. Copy this address.


Go back to coinbase tab. Click on Accounts tab and click on Send. Paste the bittrex’s bitcoin address in recipient field. Enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to send to bittrex and click on continue. Now, wait for half and hour for bitcoins to arrive at the bittrex.


After that, visit Vertcoin page on bittrex. Enter the amount you got into “Total” field. Click “Price” and select “bid or ask”. This will automatically fill the Units field which shows the number of vertcoins you get for the bitcoins you sent. Click on “Buy Vertcoins” to proceed.

bittrex vertcoin

Optional step – If you want to safely store your vertcoins, you should store them in their official wallet. Open a new tab as it is now time to make a Vertcoin address so that we can safely store the coins. For that, we will be using the official Vertcoin web wallet – make sure to make backup of the wallet and credentials. Click on “Receive” tab and copy the address.

Again go to Wallet tab in bittrex and type in vertcoin. Click on Minus (-) sign > Paste the address in address field; enter quantity and click on Withdrawal.

That is it – you have successfully purchased Vertcoins VTC.