Hacked Ukraine twitter account asking for Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT in donations

We all know what is happening in Ukraine right now on the ground but looks like Ukraine authorities have started to lose control of their online properties like social media accounts as well.

ukraine bitcoin

Their latest tweet is asking people to donate cryptocurrencies and they have given bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT in donations to stand with the people of Ukraine. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum was quick to warn people that Ukraine’s official twitter account has been hacked. This so-called rumor is pretty much confirmed as Ukraine’s twitter account handler deleted the original tweet and reposted it.

On other hand, if it is actually hacked, then why would their Vice President tweet the same address. This means either it is not hacked or their Vice President’s twitter account is also hacked.

There’s one exception though – the Vice President has mentioned USDT-TRC20 address as well. This made Justin Sun, founder of Tron DAO excited. He promises to make donations to Ukraine.