Graviex delisting these coins and tokens

Graviex exchange will be delisting a bunch of coins and tokens after August 8th 2019. If you do not remove them before that date, assets in these coins, available on their accounts on the date of delisting, will be burnt. So, do your best to complete all your operations with these coins till Aug 08, 2019 and withdraw it from Graviex to elsewhere. 


Here’s the list of these coins.

ARGO (Argo), BLS (Blisscoin), ZACA (Zacacoin), EXPO (Expocashcoin), ZMG (Zminingcoin), FLX (Flexinodescoin), GDM (Geldumcoin), B2X (Segwit2xcoin), DNZ (Adenzcoin), DRL (Daralcoin), ECP (Ecopaycoin), UMB (Umbracoin), C3X (Conn3xcoin), DCO (Dropcoin), WIK (Wikicoin), OPN (Openbitcoin), VICE (Vicecoin), NXG (Nodexchangecoin), PEG (Pegasuscoin), CCH (Citicashcoin), FURY (Furycoin), ALCUP (Alphacupcoin), ETFX (Ethereumfxcoin).

Trading will be closed at Aug 01, 2019. Graviex has a delisting policy and coins / tokens that do not adhere to its rules are removed after some warnings.

We advise users to dump them for more promising projects or bitcoin/ethereum.