EthereumX – A threat to Ethereum?

EthereumX is a token that runs on Stellar’s platform. As you can see, it has the word “Ethereum” in its name and it calls itself as the direct competitor to ether many times in its whitepaper.

EthereumX’s website, highlights the problems associated with the Ethereum:

Congestion – We all saw how congested the Ethereum platform was back in November 2017. Transactions took hours to get cleared and this was despite increasing the gas price.

Scalability – Due to high congestion, Ethereum failed to give a reliable and scalable solution to the users and organizations. Smart contracts were slow to execute and that led to frustration among users.

Both of these problems are solved by EthereumX. It runs on Stellar platform which offers much better scalability and makes it a better platform for running corporate applications.

The coin is already listed on Stellarport, a well known decentralized exchange as well as StellarTerm, which is the official DEX from the Stellar team.

Another feature that makes EthereumX a better investment than Ethereum is the fact former has fixed supply of 100 million coins. Ethereum, as we all know, can print any amount of coins in the coming years.

Security wise, EthereumX offers a better solution by making use of Ed25519 algorithm.