Review – Trade Crypto CFDs Safely With ETFinance


ETFinance is a Licensed and Regulated Broker!

The financial world has a lot of mouth-watering opportunities. Many have taken advantage of these opportunities to make a haven for themselves financially. The need for investment is driven in many by the challenge of attempting to gain financial freedom. Financial freedom is undoubtedly one of the most echoed dreams of every average human being that exists on the face of the earth, and almost everyone lives in an attempt to live above financial struggles. This single need is why many delve into investment opportunities and their potentials.

There are several investment opportunities in the world today, opportunities that lie on every nuke and cranny of existence. There are opportunities in the health sector, in the agricultural industry, in the common area, as well as the financial sector of a nation’s economy. There are many profit opportunities for those who are conversant with the factors that guide those sector’s assets.

The financial sector is one sector that has investment prospects for everyone at every level. Many financial assets are an opportunity field. All these financial assets hold mighty promises that can bring profit for those who know how to go about investment properly.

Among the many financial assets that exist in the world today, choosing which asset to trade can be a very ticklish decision as the financial market is a very volatile one, and the value of these assets changes with time. Profit or loss accompanies this change in the worth of assets. This value change is the opportunity that the broker leverage upon to make a profit.

Choosing an investment broker can be even harder work because the wrong choice of a brokerage firm can turn investment opportunities to a sure-loss scheme.

ETFinance is a leading name in the investment brokerage world, and you might want to consider engaging their platforms for your investment goals. Follow along as we review the platform.





Trading accounts

Silver account, Gold account, and Platinum account.

Islamic account.

Trading platforms

Metatrader 4, Web trader, Mobile app


Zero commission

Assets coverage

Forex pairs – major and minor.

Commodities: Palladium, Wheat, Cocoa

Stocks:, Inc.; Netflix, Inc.; Apple, Inc.; Google LLC; Adidas AG.

Indices, Metals


VISA card, Vpay, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill


Assets Index, Forex trading, Metals Trading,

Indices trading, Stock trading, Commodity trading, CFD trading, Cryptocurrency trading, ETFs trading, Future CFDs calendar

Education and Training

Yes: Webinars, Economic Calendar, Earnings Calendar, Articles, VOD, E-books, Courses, and Tutorials

Language Options

English Language, Espanol Language, Deutsch Language, Nederlands Language, Portuguese Language, Italian Language, and Svenska Language.

Security Policies

AML (Anti Money Laundering), and

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Customer support

24 hours, five days a week support.

Live chat support,

Email, and



Limassol, Cyprus

Parent company


Mobile trading

Yes – Android and iOS

Withdrawal method

Visa card, mastercard, maestro, Neteller, and Skrill



Minimum deposit



1:30 (retail clients).

1:500 (professional traders)

Regulated payment providers

Wirecard, Trustly, and Isignthis


Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySEC)

Islamic account


Crypto products

Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), digital cash (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Tether (USDT), and more

ETFinance is a multiple award-winning investment broker located in Limassol, Cyprus. The broker is owned and operated by Magnus Fx (Cyprus) Ltd. The broker envisions providing its services to its numerous clients across the globe in a way that would help them make the best of their potentials financially. The broker has a lot of perks that make it the investment broker to choose for one’s financial investments. One of such perks is the availability of cutting edge tools with which the company empowers its clients to make the best of their trading experience.

ETFinance offers expert analysis tools with which it empowers its clients to produce the most enjoyable trading experience. The broker’s team of expert traders follow closely with trends and happenings that affect the value of assets and thus forecast possible market trends. Besides, this professional support team analyzes current market trends for the clients of the company. They do all these to empower their clients for the best possible trading experience.

At ETFinance, they provide their clients with a diversified portfolio of investment assets. This diversified portfolio helps its customers diversify their investment portfolio as well, or, depending on the customer’s investment goals, he/she might as well just decide to focus on a particular investment niche.

The customer service at ETFinance attests to the very claim that the company wants the best trading experience for its investors. The customer service agents are available to attend to requests, complaints, and inquiries round the clock for five business days a week.

ETFinance has developed a fantastic security system with which the brokerage firm ensures the safety of investors’ accounts and money. In the bid to ensure that the accounts and investment of the numerous customers of the company are safe and protected, this brokerage company has employed the use of the international security regulations of the Know Your Customers (KYC) and the Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies.

In terms of trading account options on the ETFinance platform, the broker offers three different trading account levels to serve its customers in dynamic capacities. There is a provision of an account that allows investors to invest without any commission charged from their trades, and the broker also has an Islamic account provision for people of the strong Islamic faith.

Deposits are quite simple on the ETFinance platform. Card deposits have been the order of the new world for some time, and the ETFinance brokerage firm has made it possible for investors to fund their trading accounts using a range of credit cards and other payment channels. Likewise, clients can withdraw their funds with ease as a result of the withdrawal method provided by the company.

Education is a strong priority at ETFinance, and the support team of the broker has provided numerous educational resources to help their customers make the best of the financial assets trade market. The educational resources span a wide range of topics and subject matters in the assets trading world. With these resources, even a complete novice in the trading environment can engage in successful trade within a couple of weeks.

The trading platform provided by the broker for customers is a user friendly and responsive platform. The trading platform is available both on the web platform as well as a mobile application.

As a multi-award-winning platform, ETFinance has six (6) awards and recognitions, as part of its portfolio as an investment brokerage firm. As part of its recognition in the financial market, this broker is equally the official sponsor of the Real Madrid football club.


Numerous Trade Products

On ETFinance, all of the following types of trade are possible:

● Assets index trade,

● Forex trade,

● Metals trading,

● Indices trading,

● Stock trading,

● Commodity trading,

● CFD trading,

● Cryptocurrency trading,

● ETFs trading,

● Future CFDs calendar.

With a database that cuts across all these assets mentioned above, the perfect trading place for a financial investment broker to be is the ETFinance platform. The assets available on the ETFinance platform hold infinite prospects for committed traders. The opportunities embedded within a single fragment of all these financial assets are enough to change the economic status of any individual or group of people.

Although the ETFinance platform’s strong trade points are the Forex trade market, the Commodities trade market, and the stock trade market, the broker has also made available all these other market options for the clients to choose and benefit from when the market conditions agree with them.

As a trader, you can choose to focus on any sector of all the trade assets available on the ETFinance platform, or you could choose to diversify your investments, it’s all up to you. The ETFinance platform has what you need for pier investment goals. Even if you are a professional in one aspect of assets trade and you’re looking to benefit from the potentials within other trade assets, ETFinance has just what you need. The ETFinance trade platform is a market place for everyone.


The ETFinance platform was designed by experts who have had relevant experience of the trading experience for years. One of the major hindrances to trading is the absence of provision for low capital investors, and the ETFinance platform has conquered this challenge. ETFinance achieved this by providing three unique trading account levels for traders and investors on its platform to choose from, depending on their investment capital and goals. Asides these three trading account levels, ETFinance also provides an Islamic account to accommodate the investment needs of people who are of the Islamic faith.

Below are the account options and levels available of ETFinance:

The Silver Account: This account is perfect for beginners. It has a range of 750 (seven hundred and fifty) assets, 0.07 minimum spreads, and a 1:30 maximum leverage. This account caters to the lowest level investors of the assets trade market. It is optimized to reduce the risk of trade losses. There is also complete 10-hours support (10 am – 8 pm) for this account class. Any investor or trader should start trading with the silver trading account level regardless of how much capital the investor has. This account level makes it easy to familiarize oneself with the trading environment and the technicalities that surround it.

The Gold Account: The Gold trading account on ETFinance is for traders who have some relevant experience in the assets trading environments and wish to take their game up to the next level. This account level has 0.05 minimum spreads, 1:30 maximum leverage for retail accounts, 1:400 / 1:500 maximum leverage for professional accounts, dedicated account manager, webinar and video training, hedging, and a swap discount of 25%. This account provision on the ETFinance platform is best enjoyed by traders who have gathered a little experience. Their experience would help them make better trade decisions and profit margins. One tremendously fantastic factor of traders on this level of the ETFinance account is, a dedicated account manager is available to guide and lead the trader in the directions of trade, and they do this by analyzing complex data to determine market trends and profitable assets. Education is also an excellent tool by which the ETFinance team empowers traders of this level. They provide webinars and video lessons to help their investors make wells informed trade decisions.

Perhaps you have had some experience of trading, the Gold account option on ETFinance is an opportunity to step up the ladder in the assets trade market.

The Platinum Account: A platinum trading account investor on the ETFinance platform is an expert trader. The need to accommodate the investment needs of substantial investors is the reason why they created this account level.

This account has 0.03 minimum spreads, 1:30 maximum leverage for retail accounts, 1:400 / 1:500 maximum leverage for professional accounts, dedicated account manager, webinars and video training, swap discount of 50%, news alerts, free VPS. The ETFinance platform’s design is such that it can handle the investment needs of every class of investors. The platinum investor on ETFinance is a massive capital investor, and the ETFinance team pays maximum attention to investors of this level because a loss at this level could be very tragic.

Accrued to this account are all the benefits of the gold account level of investors on the ETFinance platform, but asides all these, the ETFinance team also provides extra tools to ensure the investments of investors at this level are within safe limits. One of the essential tools offered to investors in this class is the 50% swap discount provision.

The ETFinance platform is right for you, no matter your experience level or investment capital.

Multi-Award Winning Platform

The ETFinance platform has gained the recognition of many around the world. Their services in the financial assets trade market have attracted a lot of international accolades to them. The ETFinance platform has the following awards recognitions attached to its portfolio:

● Global Banking and Finance Awards: Best new CFD broker of Europe (2019)

● Fastest growing CFD broker of Europe (2019)

● The European Global Banking and Finance Awards: Best CFD broker of Europe (2020)

● Global Banking and Finance Review: Best new CFD broker of Europe (2019)

● ADVFN International Financial Awards: Best customer service (2020)

● World Finance: Best Forex CFD provider (2020)

● Best Forex broker (2020)

With ETFinance, an investor or trader can be sure of riding on the wings that have carried many to successful trade margins – a broker that is globally recognized.

Regulations, Securities and safety

The broker has employed the use of the high-security protocol in ensuring the protection of the assets and funds of its customers across the globe. With the Know Your Customers (KYC) and the Anti Money Laundering (AML) security policies, clients of this broker must go through a verification process to ascertain their identity and equally ensures that no third party has access to their trading accounts and funds.

In terms of regulations, the broker and its activities are regulated by the Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySEC). This regulation makes its services open and transparent, and ensure that clients of the company are well taken care of.

Amazing Customer Service

The ETFinance platform is mainly customer friendly. The trading platforms of this broker are designed to give the best customer experience. When the clients have an issue that needs to be resolved, the ETFinance customer service team is readily available to receive and attend to customer issues. The agents in the customer service section of ETFinance are professionals who are familiar with the trading environments and its technicalities, and you can be sure a team of professional experts in handling your requests. You can contact the customer service team of the broker through email, the telephone, or live chat. Interestingly, the customer support unit of the broker is available 24 hours a day, for the five business days in a week.

Multiple Language Options

The ETFinance platform provides its services in the following languages:

● English Language,

● Spanish Language,

● German Language,

● Dutch Language,

● Portuguese Language,

● Italian Language,

● Svenska Language.


Assets investment is undoubtedly more than buying and selling. It is a complex market that needs carefully analyzed decisions to improve the prospects of profit.

The ETFinance platform is one of the few investment brokers in the world that can boast of a very high level of trade success. It would be a wise decision to commit your investments into their care.