Drink Pee coin rewards piss drinkers $7000

This might sound a bit ridiculous but someone has launched a token called Drink Pee that rewards users for drinking their own piss with $7000 worth of ethereum. It is certainly a unique or rather nasty way of promoting a project.

Drink Pee coin

To get $7000 worth of Ethereum, you must record a video of yourself peeing into a glass and drinking atleast 100ml of it. You also must show your privates in the video and once you are done drinking it, you must yell Drink Pee or Drink to earn.

And ofcourse, you must be above age of 18 and join their discord. Once you’ve done that, type !drinktoearn to get latest bounty payout.

If you do not follow any of these steps, your submission will be disqualified.

Have we gone too far or are these just bear market things? People have already started sending their videos but we are not sure if someone has actually got paid. Sorry, but we would not give you the link to participate.

Is this the future of finance? If so, we need to send everything to zero.