Ledger Nano X vs Nano S–difference between Nano S and X

ledger nano x

Nano X is the latest variant of hardware wallet by Ledger but is it really better than the Nano S that has been extremely popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

What are the differences between Ledger Nano X and Nano S?

Bluetooth enabled – The Nano X is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect it to your smartphone or laptop wirelessly, something you cannot do with the Nano S.

100 crypto assets – While both support 1100+ cryptocurrency assets, there is limited storage on the Nano S. Nano X, on the other hand, lets you install upto 100 applications.

Should you buy Nano X over Nano S?

Both of these hardware wallets have certified secure chip and two buttons to accept or reject a transaction.

ledger nano x bluetooth

To be honest, the Nano S is a cheaper product and if Bluetooth isn’t important to you, get the Nano S. More than 1.4 million of Nano S have been sold since its launch and is almost bug less.

On the other hand, the Nano X is a new product and there could be bugs here and there.

Also, the Nano S is readily available on Amazon and Nano X is only available for pre-order. Chances are that Nano X will be pricier than S, making latter an even better buy.