DeepTradeBot roadmap for 2020-2021 is now available

DeepTradeBiot has churned out their roadmap that includes a list of plans and updates to implement until the end of 2021.

deep trade bot

Deep Trade Bot’s plans are very ambitious and clearly covers myriad tasks and user’s expectations. By the end of 2020, team of Deep Trade Bot, an advanced AI bot will release three huge updates that will help traders and people who built their affiliate businesses within their platform.

These three updates include the following.

  • Trading bots’ special add-ons giving an opportunity to temporarily boost the bots’ power and capabilities;
  • Partnership program statistics improvement: account totals and partners financial totals;
  • Personal trade reports to monitor the bots’ activity and trading results;

But what are the more long term plans of Deep Trade Bot? First is a standard internal plans and ability to send crypto transactions between users for free, without any commissions. This internal wallet will be released sometime in spring or summer of 2021. These details will be released on this page which contains their current roadmap –

Clearly, the Deep Trade Bot team wants to build an ecosystem around their product and this is confirmed on their MLM club page ( which was launched earlier this year. This is first step of realization of this idea. 

Team behind the Deep Trade Bot is also working on improving the user interface. Just yesterday, the team posted enhanced bot list on the dashboard of the website that promises to makes overall navigation easier for their clients. This includes those who have rented more than ten bots at a time.