Darknet demanding bitcoin to stop spamming: All Base service asks users for bitcoin for stopping harassment

Darknet criminals known as “All Base service” are demanding bitcoin fee to stop spamming. The company specializes in sending out spam email campaigns for a bitcoin fee. Spam services are getting increasingly popular in which the recipients get lot of spam emails and later the “All base service” ask for an amount in crypto currency to get them removed from their hit list.

All Base service darknet

The customer who hires such service is asked to pay upto 100 dollars that needs to be paid in bitcoin. This is surprising since there are better and more anonymous crypto currencies, Monero for instance, that are much better for such purposes.

The sufferer has to pay 25 dollars in bitcoin to get themselves unsubscribed from their hit list. People often pay this ransom money since they are bombarded with hundreds of spam messages in a single day. So the “All base service” make profit by both parties.

That being said, if you use a proper anti-spam service, it is quite easy to not get such spam. We are very intrigued by the new ways cyber criminals are using to earn money and at the same time, stay anonymous.

Would you pay $25 in bitcoin if you are attacked by any of the Darknet email spammers?