DADI Node programme goes live, be the first to join DADI mainnet network

dadi founding node programme

DADI mainnet was launched yesterday and the team is giving people around the world to become a part of the founding node programme. This programme allows you to be one of the few to lay foundation of new, fairer internet. For this, they have launched a limited edition Host which is a custom case containing a Raspberry Pi.

The entire thing look well executed with its unique glass and silicone structure with exposed circuit board that looks geeky, unique and sophisticated.

It is possible to get one for free. All you have to do is head over to and sign up. If you are selected as the lucky one, you will get one totally free.

You need to hurry as many will be applying to get one (for free) and they will be giving away only 100 units for free.

dadi coin price

Keep in mind that you will need 5000 DADI coins to run the node. You can buy DADI on KuCoin and right now, it is the best time to buy since the price has gone down extremely low due to bear market.