Bitpanda will not give you Bitcoin Cash for your bitcoin: Contingency plan for Bitcoin Cash UAHF

bitpanda bitcoin cash

Bitpanda which is a popular crypto currency exchange in Europe has announced that if blockchain split happens after August 1st, 2017, they would not support Bitcoin Cash. They added that they do not support the contentious hard fork attempts and hence won’t credit its users with BCC coins according to your Bitcoin balance. In the future, it may be possible, that they add BCC as a trading pair, although this is yet to be decided.

So if you want to get both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, you will need to withdraw your bitcois from your bitpanda wallet before 01:00 pm CET July 31, 2017. If you are not interested in Bitcoin Cash, no further action is required.

The site will stop trading on Monday, 31st July and all bitcoin withdrawals at midnight CET will be interrupted. Deposits and withdrawals of all other currencies will work just fine.

This new currency, Bitcoin Cash, would only be created if the BIP proposition saw the light of day, a prospect that was shut down by the activation of BIP91 (SegWit2X). However, ViaBTC, another major mining pool and trading platform, announced their regardless intentions to activate the hard fork. This means that Bitcoin Cash will probably become a reality on August 1st, and become its own currency, separate from the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitcoin Cash is not a new or second Bitcoin, it will become just another altcoin in the industry.

Source – newsletter from bitpanda