Chaincoin is fraud coin: 60 percent of total Chaincoins owned by 25 people

At crypto currency daddy, we like to make people aware of frauds and there is no bigger fraud than the chaincoin. Almost 60 percent of all coins are owned by the top 25 addresses. Make up your own mind if that’s good or bad. The people behind chaincoin are pushing popular video makers on YouTube to push people to buy as many chain coins as they can to get “rich quick”. So, ‘hodl-gang’ owns most of the coins which is something we do not suggest because sooner or later, they will be pulling the plug and the value of chaincoin crypto currency will plummet.

chaincoin fraud

You can see the entire list here. Thanks to popular crypto currency channels on YouTube, they have created a lot of hype behind chaincoin.


A coin is only worth as much as the people who are willing to push or buy it so I think this has more chance than a lot of others in fooling others due to extreme hype behind it. Remember, if people don’t buy it, it is not worth anything. Sooner or later, these 25-addresses are going to pull out major chunk of these coins from the market.

Crypto coin daddy does not hate anyone. We are just warning our readers from investing in something that has little or no development. Do not believe the YouTubers especially when they tell you just buy a cheap coin and hold onto it so they all make lots of money.