CEX.io Mobile App adds Charts support

cex io mobile app

Charts are now available in the CEX.io application for both iOS and android phones. If you know how to read a chart, you can make better and more informed trading decisions.

Here are several facts about the charts:

* Charts are accessible in both Android and iOS apps.
* They are now available for each trading pair. Just choose a trading pair in the CEX.IO Market section and its chart will appear on your screen.
* For your convenience, charts adjust to the screen width. And when you rotate the screen, they rotate as well.
* You can change the periodicity of charts. The minimum period is one minute and the maximum is three days.
* You can tap and hold a separate candle for more information. You’ll see open, high, low, and close values and the volume traded during the specified period.

It is a nice idea to make use of charts in order to make better and informed decisions regarding the cryptocurrencies being traded on CEX.io. Until now, the charts were available only on the desktop. By adding chart support on the mobile app, you will be able to do better assessment even when being on the move.

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