CEX.io adds QASH, both BTC and ETH trading pairs added

qash cex io

CEX.io has enabled trading for QASH on their website. Interestingly, the trading is not enabled for the US people but only for the verified non US users. They will be able to trade QASH/BTC and QASH/ETH pairs.

So what is QASH?

It is an ERC20 ethereum token that was created by QUOINE, a company compliant with the the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA) standards, and is used as a payment method for its services. In the future, the QASH token may also be used by businesses just like many cryptocurrencies are used now. Why pay attention to QASH? Here are several facts about the token:

* QASH was created by a team of specialists with experience in both finance and technology.
* The team plans to create their own blockchain supporting intelligent agents (AKA smart contracts) and a variety of programming languages to develop DApps. They also plan that it will process 100,000 transactions per second.
* Only 35% of QASH tokens are currently in circulation. The other tokens are locked for five years, which seems to be an indicator of the project’s long-term orientation.
* The QUOINE company is subject to audits by one of the Big Four firms — currently one of the largest, most trusted, and most reliable auditors in the world.