Celsius employee leaks client email addresses

celsius network

Celsius Network team has announced on twitter that a list of Celsius client email addresses was leaked by its employee and transferred them to 3rd party. The name of this 3rd party is not yet known.

Celsius team says this incident does not pose any risk to any of the clients who have been affected in this incident. They also claim that nothing beyond the email address has been leaked.

So, if you receive an email about a cryptocurrency project that you have never heard of or something sounds too good to be true, just tell yourself that your email address got leaked by an employee at Celsius network. It’s probably a cryptocurrency scam that will take your money away.

For those who do not know, Celsius team is already on verge of bankruptcy and just when you thought they could not mess even more, their employees leak email addresses of their clients.

Users can no longer withdraw funds from Celsius network. They are currently under forced HODL mode where Celsius network has halted all outgoing transfers so the users are unable to get their funds out.