Download Bytecoin web wallet: Mobile wallets and new features in tunnel

Bytecoin web wallet, mobile wallets and new features in tunnel

Bytecoin team has unveiled their roadmap for 2017 and there are plenty of new features and applications coming for the Bytecoin BCN users. First on this list is release of web wallet so the users would not have to download the entire blockchain just to see their balance, send / receive funds. Update – Bytecoin web wallet is now online

Native mobile bytecoin wallet is being listed to be released on October 1st 2017 which means testing is already being done internally by the bytecoin team. Many new features are also in the tunnel.

bytecoin roadmap 2017

The Bytecoin team also promises to bring the coin to top three crypto exchanges in the world. We posted about Bytecoin coming to Bittrex, Kraken and Bitfinex last month and this has been re-iterated by the team.

And since privacy is one of the most important features of bytecoin, the team will be introducing untraceable tokens by December 15th 2017. These tokens will provide you with the same unique features that made you love Bytecoin:

* untraceable payments use ring signature
* unlinkable transactions with random data by the sender
* low processing fees

bytecoin roadmap

The team has already been able to unlock the bytecoin’s wallet from Poloniex. Previously, the users were able to deposit or withdraw their bytecoin from the Poloniex exchange which caused the price to massive dip but now that it has been unblocked, the price is recovering fast.