New Bytecoin MacOS Wallet coming soon: BCN Wallet for Mac in tunnel

Download bytecoin mac wallet

New Bytecoin MacOS wallet is coming soon for Apple users which is a great news for the BCN platform. There has been lot of development going on which is a positive sign for the entire bytecoin community. The developer behind the Bytecoin MacOS wallet has posted a screenshot on their official reddit page.

The screenshot shows that everything is working like it should. We see recent transactions going in and out just fine. It has inbuilt mining feature like the standard windows wallet which is great for earning some extra money using your computer’s CPU.

There are no official download links but we should be getting a private / public beta pretty soon. There is no better time to hop onto the bytecoin bandwagon.

The developer is accepting suggestions too so if you are on reddit, feel free to visit the thread and throw in some suggestions. The developer is quite active on social media.

We will be posting download link in this article as soon as we are able to get our hands on it. So watch this place for updates.