Bitthumb to list Qtum: Qtum price up by 25%

If you are wondering why the price of Qtum got a massive pump, the reason is Bitthumb, Korea’s number 1 crypto currency exchange that is on verge of listing it on its exchange. There are other crypto currencies that are slated to make their debut on Bitthumb but for some reason, only Qtum has got this boost. Other crypto coins include Steem, IOTA, Stellar, EOS, NEO, Bitshares, Lisk, Stratis, TenX, OmiseGo, Zcash and Cosmos.

On October 5th, Qtum was rumored to be listed on two exchanges – one top 5 main exchange (bitfinex) and a Japanese exchange. At the same time, the Qtum team was said to be working with a big Korean exchange (Bitthumb) and some overseas brand of a well-known major exchange in China.

bitthumb qtum

Bitthumb’s blog has already posted (Korean language) about it on their website. They have only written the title so expect full press release later today. We translated the Korean language and posted the screenshot of the upcoming announcement.

Coinone is another Korean exchange that is currently responsible for Qtum’s volume. Infact, Coinone brings three times more volume than Bittrex ($116M vs $33M). Qtum has also crossed 1 billion marketcap today – another milestone for the ambitious crypto currency.