Bitfinex Warns Unverified and US users: Access to Bitfinex for unverified and US users will be terminated

Bitfinex Warns Unverified US users

Popular cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex has issued a warning to all their users via email that individual residents of USA are not allowed to use their services and access to exchange services will be terminated soon. Bitfinex has prohibited access to US residents and are not allowed to do any kind of trading on the exchange. So if you are a US resident, we urge you to move your funds to other exchanges. If you are a non-US unverified user, get your account verified before the exchange bans you and confiscates your funds. Binance is a good alternative.

This is the message we have received.

Individuals resident in the United States are not permitted to be customers of the exchange or use our services. Furthermore, United States residents are prohibited from accessing our services using any virtual private network, proxy service, or any other third party service, network, or product with the effect of disguising their IP address or location.

It is a breach of our terms of service to give false information at signup or in response to questions from us, whether as part of our compliance and due diligence procedures or otherwise. Penalties for breaching our terms of service may include referral to law enforcement or other authorities and terminating your access to any and all of our services.

We are monitoring the platform and will continue to take action to enforce our terms of service.