BitConnect Lawsuit against Trevon James, Craig Grant, Crypto Nick has begun

bitconnect scam

Attorney General National Security Division has served the Bitconnect shillers and court date is right around the corner. The class action lawsuit contains following individuals and corporations. Trevon James, who is listed below is still making videos. And while he has deleted all the tweets about endorsing Bitconnect, anything you tweet is permanent. Not only will twitter have it forever, there are several archives that will have it too.

BITCONNECT INTERNATIONAL PLC, a foreign corporation;
BITCONNECT LTD., a foreign corporation;
BITCONNECT TRADING LTD., a foreign corporation;
GLENN ARCARO, an individual;
TREVON BROWN a/k/a TREVON JAMES, an individual;
RYAN HILDRETH, an individual;
CRAIG GRANT, an individual;
JOHN DOE NO. 1 a/k/a CRYPTONICK, an individual;
and JOHN DOE NOS. 2-10, individuals;

So why did people invested in this pyramid scheme called Bitconnect? Greedy people and investors who wanted to get rich quick. The entire scheme sounded too good to be true and that is why it turned out to be a scam.

The thing that really got me about Trevon was that he continued to promote obvious scams after Bitconnect went down with referral links in the description. This included Davor coin which went down shortly after. I just feel bad for his children because this really is not looking good for him.