Bithumb opens PivX deposits and withdrawals along with ETZ, BHP, ADA

Bithumb pivx

Many months back, cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb stopped taking deposits and withdrawals of many cryptocurrencies including PivX, Ether Zero (ETZ), BHP and Cardano (ADA).

Deposit addresses of all aforementioned cryptocurrencies have changed on Bithumb and if you send to older addresses, the exchange will not be able to recover your coins or tokens. It is mandatory to generate new address for withdrawal / deposit.

However, if you deposited money during the suspension period, the amount will be processed soon.

Keep in mind that large sum withdrawals can take upto one day as they will have to be processed manually.

Here is the google translated version of the news, originally posted in Korean.

The cryptocurrency payment address has changed. It must be free to issue a new payment address.
District Address deposit gun is impossible to deposit processing. Please be sure to transfer to a new address.
Cryptocurrency who deposit during the suspension period will be processed sequentially deposited after resumption.
When a new payment address generation before payment can not be reflected in deposit. Please be sure to create a new payment after payment address.
Please check whether the resumed cryptocurrency four main support targets. When this occurs due to deposits Oh, it can technically impossible processed.
Example 1) ERC-20 -> bithumb deposited into four main cryptocurrency Address: If the transfer from the main exchange Net conversion is not completed in four main cryptocurrency deposit address bithumb
example 2) The main net cryptocurrency> bithumb ERC- deposit to 20 addresses: If you completed the four main switch to transfer from the exchange to the ERC-20 payment address bithumb