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Qtum iPhone app available for download: Qtum iWatch app

qtum iphone download

Official Qtum mobile wallet application has been released. This makes Qtum the world’s first smart-contract capable mobile wallet. This means you will be able to make smart contracts on the move. Of course, you will be able to send and receive Qtum – just like other crypto currency wallets. It makes use of the iPhone’s touch ID feature to keep the funds secure and also allows faster access. It is much faster to swipe your thumb than enter the PIN.


Ubiq and Expanse added to Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue

Ledger, the company behind Nano S and Ledger Blue hardware wallets has announced support for two more crypto currencies – Ubiq and Expanse. Hardware wallet support is extremely important for the growth and security of users. It brings a new flux of users that usually buy crypto currencies that can be stored on their hardware wallets. Ledger and Trezor are two big names in industry for hardware wallets. Ledger Nano S features an OLED display that lets you the currency in use. It also lets you double-check and confirm each transaction with single tap on its side buttons.


Bitthumb to list Qtum: Qtum price up by 25%

If you are wondering why the price of Qtum got a massive pump, the reason is Bitthumb, Korea’s number 1 crypto currency exchange that is on verge of listing it on its exchange. There are other crypto currencies that are slated to make their debut on Bitthumb but for some reason, only Qtum has got this boost. Other crypto coins include Steem, IOTA, Stellar, EOS, NEO, Bitshares, Lisk, Stratis, TenX, OmiseGo, Zcash and Cosmos.


Bittrex Account Disabled, Suspended or Banned? Clarification by Bittrex on disabled accounts

bittrex account ban

Bittrex is one of the most popular crypto currency exchanges and lately got into a lot of heat for banning and disabling accounts on a lot of users. Bittrex has issued an official report on this saying that the cryptocurrency exchange often does compliance reviews to protect their service and prevent their users from harm. In this review, they temporarily suspend / disable / ban certain accounts. The total number of accounts were not revealed but less than 0.1 percent were affected.


NXT to be used as ICO platform: NXT coin future

NXT coin future

Jelurida has released Ardor timeline on their website and that mentions Nxt as simple and secure crowd funding solution for the new ICOs. All this will be done in first quarter of 2018. The Ardor’s release timeline also mentions in positioning the Nxt Blockchain Creator Kit as a viable solution for new blockchain projects. A lot of security related features will be added too. Permission layer and peer communication encryption for private blockchain solutions will added in this quarter as well.


Purism Librem 5 phone adds Monero to default payment system

Purism Librem 5 phone adds Monero

Purism has announced its collaboration with Monero crypto currency that is private by default. Purism has added Monero for payments on its online store which is a great boon for those users who value privacy over anything else. This will allow the Purism Librem 5 smartphone users to make cash-like payments in form of Monero. This will also enable users a much lower barrier to entry for leveraging the benefits of cryptocurrency.


TenX Android App Updated with new UI

Tenx android app

TenX developers have updated the TenX’s android application that brings major user interface improvements and host of other updates. This includes new UX for expanding and collapsing in main screen page for multiple wallets. KYC documents submission bug has been fixed as well. The updated TenX application for Android will be available soon for download. An update for the iPhone app was pushed earlier this week that solved the email verification issue at signup.


Monaize is ebanking platform for small businesses: Monaize ICO release date – MNZ Token

Monaize ICO is slated to take place on November 10th 2017. This will be the first ICO that will make use of Komodo platform which was in news recently for atomic swap using electrum servers. In Monaize ICO, you get MNZ tokens. The date of ICO was recently postponed so that the Komodo team could properly test the Monaize dICO application to ensure it is able to run variety of stress tests that take time to perform and debug. This will also give time to Monaize team to properly familiarize themselves with Komodo’s new exchange BarterDEX, atomic swaps and SPV wallet.


Centra Card to support IOTA–Use Iota to pay with Visa

Centra Card

We have some good news for the Centra Tech Card users. The team is adding support for more crypto currencies including NEO, EOS, NEM and IOTA and eight more coins in upcoming version. The team says that they have been busy collaborating with other crypto coins and are working to create a larger eco system for its users.