Download Zcoin MTP Miner for Nvidia graphics cards

zcoin miner download

CryptoDredge has released updated version of his miner that adds support for the MTP algorithm that is used for mining Zcoin. This updated version also fixes Lyra2REv3 performance that is used for mining Vertcoin.

You can download the updated CrytoDredge miner from here. Keep in mind that this miner has 2-percent developer fee. So whatever amount you mine, 2% automatically goes to the developer.

That said, if you do not like paying 2% developer fee, you can use the krnlx’s miner that is free and open source MTP miner. It has many improvements over the djm34 reference version.

We highly recommend you to donate the developer behind this miner since he is not getting anything for his efforts.

It supports only Ubuntu 16 linux OS at the moment and you can download the krnlx’s miner from here.

In either cases, hashrate will not be changed. It is just that CryptoDredge miner runs on windows that is preferred by most users.

With the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti graphics card, you will be able to attain around 3MH/s.

Here is what should be there in your batch file.

@echo off
title MTP (XZC) - 2miners pool
CryptoDredge -a mtp -o stratum+tcp:// -u a9kordGZwfHS8BfkK3fJy2b7uhagfFDymh.daddy -p x
goto loop

Feel free to replace my Zcoin’s address with yours or mine for few minutes to support us.