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How Web3 Can Disrupt the Creator Economy


The burgeoning intersection between technology and creativity has ushered in a new era, the ‘creator economy.’ In this economy, independent creators, artists, and innovators are using digital platforms to monetize their talents directly. However, there’s a new tech wave on the horizon, one that promises to be even more transformative—Web3. 


Arbitrum Foundation sold 10M ARB tokens to cover operating costs

Arbitrum Foundation has made it clear that the 10M ARM tokens that they sold recently were done to fund pre existing contracts and cover near-term operating costs. One such cost was to cover $3.5M setup costs. Since the DAO organization was established and intended to involve users, the traditional thinking of small team decision-making in companies should be changed. After all, web3 projects come from users and grow with the support of users. 

Arbitrum token

Sushiswap DEX served with SEC subpoena

Sushiswap DEX is in deep trouble as their head developer has been served with SEC subpoena. This has called for a legal defense fund that will provide coverage for attorney fees. Amount if you may ask? $3M which will be sent for Kanpai fees, grants and sushi TWAP market sells.