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Doodled Dragons NFT project rugged hard

Doodled Dragons sold their NFTs and announced on their now-deleted twitter account that they will be making their first donation worth $30000 to WWF. After a span of two minutes, the person handling Doodled Dragons announced that their charity will be instead their own bank account. 

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College Games Betting with Ethereum

Everyone can find something to their liking in the world of college games betting with crypto. Every Saturday in the Big 12 offers a diverse range of compelling storylines and betting opportunities, ranging from defensive showdowns between championship contenders to high-scoring blowouts between two evenly matched teams to a defensive showdown between two title contenders.

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Has Etherflyer exit-scammed?


Etherflyer was a semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where you could trade Ethereum ERC-20 tokens. From past 3-4 months, the exchange has seems to have pulled a silent exit scammed, removing the exchange along delisting 100-something tokens that were traded there.