Fake Jaredfromsubway.eth raised 81 Ethereum for coin presale

If you need a prime example of how early we are in world of cryptocurrency, take a look at all the naïve crypto users who sent fake Jared 81+ Ethereum that is more than $151,000 right now.


People are literally throwing money at every address posted on twitter. Ben.eth started a trend that will soon end because many people got hurt by his token sale scam.

This is not the first time someone has been pretending as Jaredfromsubway.eth. A real Jared would post proof by posting a screenshot of him logged into the Ethereum wallet. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to stop this atrocity. To be honest, with this happening pretty much every single day for last few weeks, I feel a renovated respect for independent builders: endless work for, most of the time, way less reward.

Some twitter users say that naïve users deserve to lose their money and be ridiculed. While some say that there is no point of warning people and best way to learn is by losing a bunch of money to scammers. This will force them to learn how to not fall for obvious scams.