ExplainThisBOB suspended after upgrading to Twitter v2 API

ExplainThisBOB, Bob is here to explain, has been banned by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk. People often used to tag ExplainThisBOB to explain articles or complex tweets in simple words.

bob token

Yesterday, it tweeted, Bob is going pro. Me in maintenance mode now, but will be more powerful than ever after upgrade. Thanks for your ongoing support, frends!

Elon Musk replied that ExplainThisBOB looks like a scam crypto account and suspended it. This had a detrimental effect on BOB token price that went down as if it was thrown off the cliff. It slid 45 percent after Elon’s tweet.

There are plenty of campaigns on twitter requesting Elon to bring Bob back. One of these include FREEBOB campaign where the developer is explaining why the BOB is not a scam. Elon thinks it is just another scam token. Developer says BOB token helps him to give him an incentive to keep making Bob better.

We believe the developer should have just accepted a mainsteam cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin instead as donation instead of creating his own token which was obviously used to dump on naïve users.