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Cryptonator will not support Bitcoin Cash: No BCC support on Cryptonator

cryptonator bitcoin cash

Cryptonator, popular multi-currency wallet portal, has announced on their website that they would not be supporting the bitcoin cash, BCC. They say that there is no intention to support Bitcoin Cash fork immediately after the 1st of August as they have serious doubts if the Bitcoin Cash will survive or not. They add they have suspicions if bitcoin cash will boast any future market value.


Bitpanda will not give you Bitcoin Cash for your bitcoin: Contingency plan for Bitcoin Cash UAHF

bitpanda bitcoin cash

Bitpanda which is a popular crypto currency exchange in Europe has announced that if blockchain split happens after August 1st, 2017, they would not support Bitcoin Cash. They added that they do not support the contentious hard fork attempts and hence won’t credit its users with BCC coins according to your Bitcoin balance. In the future, it may be possible, that they add BCC as a trading pair, although this is yet to be decided.


Bittrex to freeze bitcoin withdrawals / deposits on August 1: Bittrex issues statement about Bitcoin Cash

bittrex bitcoin cash

Popular crypto exchange Bittrex has issued statement about Bitcoin Cash. The company says that Bittrex will be monitoring this situation closely on whether to include Bitcoin Cash trading on their network on not. It will be closing deposits and withdrawals of bitcoin 24 hours prior to BCC UAHF time on August 1st 12:20pm UTC. That being said, trading will remain active during this time.


Poloniex Stellar Lumens users in problem, bitcoin users affected

Stellar Labs are having a twitter war with Poloniex. It is about their ongoing program where they used to be giving free Lumens currency to people who already hold bitcoin. Under their scheme, users who hold bitcoin in kraken, BTC38, Poloniex, deribit, Bit-Z, NaoBTC and Yuanbag. Poloniex said that it was not clear to them why Stellar included their name on their website as participants in 6/27 giveaway. This was done without their consent and they did not agree to participate nor did they possess the Stellar Labs for this giveway.

Poloniex Stellar Lumens free


Cryptobuyer installs Bitcoin ATM machines in South America

Cryptobuyer is a latin American cryto currency startup that has now become the first company to install bitcoin ATM inside a commercial bank. Jorge Luis Farias is the CEO of the company who has played integral part in joining hands with popular South American banks in setting up physical ATMs inside banks. Right now, cryptobuyer has installed two of these.

bitcoin atm bank


Darknet demanding bitcoin to stop spamming: All Base service asks users for bitcoin for stopping harassment

Darknet criminals known as “All Base service” are demanding bitcoin fee to stop spamming. The company specializes in sending out spam email campaigns for a bitcoin fee. Spam services are getting increasingly popular in which the recipients get lot of spam emails and later the “All base service” ask for an amount in crypto currency to get them removed from their hit list.

All Base service darknet