Purse.io Bitcoin Cash Update: Purse users getting bitcoin cash in 30 days

Purse.io has announced on their website that they will be offering its Purse.io users a way to get hold of the free bitcoin cash that created after the hard fork of bitcoin network on August 1st 2017. Since the private keys were not available for download from the purse’s wallet, users were forced to forward their funds elsewhere where they could squeeze out bitcoin cash. However, if you did not pull out your funds prior to the bitcoin’s hard fork, you will not get the bitcoin cash.

Purse.io Bitcoin Cash Update

The bitcoin cash funds will be made available by some off-site service since Purse has made it clear on their portal that they will not be supporting the bitcoin cash directly.

Purse users will be notified once the process is complete and ready for deployment.

Remember, once user balances of Bitcoin Cash are credited, we will not be natively supporting BCH on our platform. Users will be able to spend their funds via Shapeshift on our platform, however. In the meantime, customer bitcoin cash will remain safely stored here on Purse until it is disbursed accordingly.

Purse says that they have put a lot of time in building and testing their system and wants to keep your bitcoins safe and that is why they did not made the bitcoin cash available to its users immediately.