Buy AEON Coin: AEON Wallet: How to use AEON wallet

In this article, we will explain how to buy the AEON coin. To buy AEON, we will need bitcoins and for that, we will be using coinbase or, both of which are most repeatable websites to buy bitcoins. We will be using coinbase’s screenshots. After you have bought bitcoins, we will be transferring them to the exchange. The most popular exchange for buying AEON is Do not close coinbase’s tab yet.

Register on bittrex and after registration, go to “wallets” in bittrex and then, type in bitcoin and search field > Tap on + icon > “New address”. Copy this address. 

Buy AEON Coin

Buy AEON Coin

Go back to coinbase website’s tab. Click on accounts > Send button. Paste the address you copied earlier > click on continue. Now, wait for 30 minutes for bitcoins to arrive in your bittrex’s wallet.

Buy AEON Coin

Now visit the AEON’s page on bittrex. Enter the amount in “Total” field > Click “price” > select “ask”. Now, click on “Buy AEON”. That’s it – you have just bought AEON.

buy aeon

AEON coin is a testnet for Monero which is the most popular privacy coin right now. They share the same main core developer, who is popularly known as Smooth. Testnet means that any code that is set to make its debut on Monero will be tested on AEON first to see how it works out. If it does not works out as expected, that particular code would not make it to Monero. Both AEON and Monero have identical coin supply which is the chief reason why AEON price is going up at unbelievable rate.

AEON is also much lighter than Monero since it makes use of CryptoNight-Lite algorithm that uses ½ as much memory and fewer (1/4) hashes to create block than Monero’s cryptonight’s algorithm. This makes AEON more efficient and less resource intensive than Monero. There are some differences between the two crypto currencies which are discussed in video shown above.